Story search options


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Sometimes the standard search terms don't give you enough for the search you want.

When you are logged in, there are additional search terms you can use to refine your search further.

Additional search terms you can use

The additional search terms available are:

  • story progress (unheard, heard, has response, led to change)
  • story submitted on or before
  • story submitted on or after
  • story criticality (as rated by Care Opinion)
  • story is about a specific service (e.g. A&E)
  • story source (via Care Opinion or other sites)

How to add additional search terms

When you are logged in, you will see the additional search terms below your current search filters:

Additional search terms are available when you are logged in

To add a term to your search, select the option you want, and click the green plus button to add it to your current search.