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We want Care Opinion to be easy to use for everyone.

Care Opinion has a number of accessibility features which may make it easier for you to use.

Text size

You can make text bigger or smaller using the text size buttons at the top of each page.

Or you can use the built-in features of your browser. Using a keyboard, usually Ctrl + will make text large and Ctrl - will make text smaller.

Colour and contrast

Our site is available in three colour/contrast themes apart from the default colours.

You can use the colour theme buttons at the top of each page to find a theme which works best for you.

Signed videos (BSL and ISL)

You can watch a signed video about Care Opinion in British Sign Language or Irish Sign Language.

Picture stories

We have developed picture stories in partnership with Talking Mats supported by funding from Life Changes Trust (people affected by dementia programme).  We hope that offering people the opportunity to share their stories in pictures and, or words will help more people to have a voice.  

Other languages

Care Opinion can be shown in a range of languages. You can choose a language from the "select language" link at the top of each page.

The translations are done by computer and not by translators. This means that sometimes the translation may not be very good.

Help from the BBC

The BBC has some very helpful accessibility guides

Share your thoughts

If you have any comments or suggestions about the website or have any difficulties using it, you can give us feedback.