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Report examples

Care Opinion includes a flexible reporting system allowing you to create and share reports of stories and responses on the site.

On this page we have gathered together some examples of reports you can create, and how you might use them.

If you follow the links below you will see PDF versions of the reports. You could create Word or Excel files instead if you wanted.

Note: reporting is not available to organisations which are registered with Care Opinion, but have not subscribed.

Story and response listing

The simplest report lists a collection of stories and responses. For example:

Stories in summary

Instead of listing all the individual stories, you can view a set of summary charts and tags. For example:

Responses and story progress

You can also view summary charts on story progress and responses. For example:

Scheduling reports

Any of the reports you create and save in your subscription can be scheduled for delivery to you automatically. For example:

  • you can have your report emailed to you, and to any members of your subscription you choose
  • you can have your report sent as a PDF, Word or Excel file attachment
  • you can set the delivery schedule to be weekly, monthly or annually and set the exact schedule you want, such as "the 1st Monday of every month" or "every other Thursday"

Your report will always contain the latest data when it is sent to you.

For more information, see our help with scheduled reports.