Edit your response within 30 minutes


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Once you have submitted a response you will have half an hour to make any changes to your response then it will either be read by a Care Opinion moderator or be made public.

When you start using Care Opinion, your responses will be read and approved by one of our moderators. This will mean a slight delay in the response being made public. Once you are more confident with Care Opinion responses will be automatically approved. This means they will be published after half an hour editing window has closed.

How it looks when you are responding

When you are entering your response, you’ll be able to see whether we plan to moderate it, or whether we will publish it immediately.

In either case, you can preview your response, so you can be sure it looks right before you submit it. Once you submit it, you'll have a short time (30 minutes) when you can still edit or delete your response.

If your response will be moderated by our team, the responding area will show this message:

When your response will be moderated

If your response will be fast-tracked (i.e. published immediately after the 30 minute editing period), you'll see this message instead:

When the response will be fast tracked