"Mental health Family therapist being redeployed"

About: Sligo Leitrim Mental Health Services

(as a service user),

The mental health family therapist I have being attending for the last few months in Markievicz House has been redeployed to another job because of Covid 19. I understand how serious this virus is and can see why they were given a different position for the time being but it really took me back. I had being seeing the therapist weekly. After I got to call to say they can no longer see me for the foreseeable future, I hung up and cried.

My meetings were a way to escape every week and help get all the worries out of my head to stop them building up over the next week. To hear this was just going to be taken away from me was very upsetting and increased my anxiety. I think the work of such mental health workers can really be overlooked sometimes and this is proof. Most people are now confined in there homes, interacting less with people, spending more time alone. Now is when we really need the mental health services to be there for us. I've had to up all of medications because of everything that's going on and I know not being able to talk to my therapist, who understands me very well at this stage, really has not helped.

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