What happens to my story?

If you choose to share your story it will go forward to be published with other patient’s stories on the site.

Before this happens it will be read by someone from Care Opinion. We do this to:

  • Write a title or headline if you have not already done this. This makes it easier for others to decide if they want to read it.
  • Make sure that it is not obscene, defamatory or offensive. (If it is, we reserve the right not to publish it or to edit it).
  • If it is very critical of a hospital we may email you to check that it is sent in good faith. If you email us back to confirm this, we then publish your opinion and will ask the hospital if they want to respond to what you have said. (Whether they do or not is up to the hospital).
  • If you have not used an email address or if you choose not to reply to us, we may not be able publish very critical postings.
  • All published opinions go to the Care Quality Commission which is the national regulator for the NHS in England.
  • All postings are republished on NHS Choices.
  • We want your story to be heard by as many people as possible. So we make it really easy for other organisations to display our stories on their websites. That way your voice can be as effective as possible.

Finally - nearly there now! - when we do publish anything that you have sent us we will email you to let you know.

So you can see that all this may take some time. So, if you are waiting for your story to be published, do bear with us.

Many thanks

Care Opinion team