Understanding your subscription


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You may be a member of one or more subscriptions.

The things you can do on Care Opinion are determined by your active subscription. Only one subscription can be active at a time, so if you have more than one subscription, you can change the one you want to work in at any time.

Each subscription has:

  • a scope: this sets out which stories are "within" your subscription
  • a term: this sets out the level and time period of the subscription

If your subscription has a current term, you can make use of it. If the term has expired, or not yet started, then you won't be able to use the subscription.

Usually, organisations renew their subscription before the current term expires.

To see full details of your subscription(s), select the active subscription name below your name in the drawer.

Subscription scope

Your subscription scope defines the stories "within" your subscription: stories you can respond to, be alerted about, report on, and so on.

Bear in mind these are not only your stories. Some may be be within the scope of other staff in other organisations too.

To see how your subscription scope is defined, select your active subscription name to see the details on your subscription page.

If you think your scope might be set incorrectly, let us know.