23rd December


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Celebrating 12 years of working together with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Most staff listening on Care Opinion

Today we celebrate 12 years of working in partnership with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, an integrated mental health and community service trust.

Notts Healthcare have been determined to bring feedback from patients, service users and carers into their organisation at all levels - from "ward to board" - and over 12 years they have worked consistently to achieve this.

Staff and volunteer teams have made sure that a wide range of people, even in the most secure settings, have been able to share their feedback and be listened to.

Given this determination it is no surprise that Notts Healthcare has received thousands of stories, made hundreds of changes in response, and has over 1,000 staff on their Care Opinion subscription - more than any other organisation in the UK.

Read this blog about the trust's first 10 years with Care Opinion.