Subscribing for primary care trusts, practice-based consortia, DAATs and other commissioners

As a commissioner, you may want to know what people in the population you cover are saying about the services they use – and how responsive to patient and carer feedback your providers are.

You can show how you address your commissioning requirements – and perhaps even join the online conversation about the quality of local services.

We’ll focus your subscription on feedback just from the people who use the services you commission, and you’ll get the following benefits, in addition to training, support and networking events provided by Care Opinion’s passionate and experienced team:

  • See what your residents are saying about their care
  • Keep track of which providers are responding to feedback – and which are making improvements in response – as we roll out our real-time responsiveness metrics
  • Identify particular issues of concern for meetings with providers, and easily create reports about particular services or issues which you can print, email or share
  • Keep all of your staff in the loop at no extra effort or cost with our email alerts
  • Respond online if you wish, raising your online profile and public understanding of your role – and see how LINks, MPs or patient groups in your area are responding
  • Show your local population you take feedback seriously by bringing real-time feedback onto your own site with our feeds or easy to use widget

But don’t just take our word for it: see what other subscribers say about their experiences of working with Care Opinion

How much does it cost?