Create a Weekly Digest


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If you want to keep a track on what has been happening with your subscription on a regular basis, then a digest is a great way of doing this.

You can choose to receive a weekly email (on a day of your choice) with an overview of what's happened in the past week. At this point, the digest includes:

  1. Recent stories, responses and changes
  2. The three "most read" stories of the week
  3. Recent blog posts
  4. Some latest news from Care Opinion

You can have a digest for your specific service or speciality, and you can choose to create as many digests as you like.

 How do I create a digest?

There are a couple of ways that you can create a digest:

  1. Go to your drawer by clicking on the green icon on the left-hand side of your screen
  2. You can then choose to create your digest via ‘stories’ or ‘saved things’
  3. If you choose to create a digest via ‘stories’ a box will appear containing all the stories within your subscription. Click ‘search within your stories’

Here you can narrow down your search to suit your specific requirements. For example, if you would like a digest about a particular department you can specify it here.

  1. If you are creating a digest via ‘Saved things’. Select ‘Saved things’ from the drawer, and then choose ‘Digests’ from the tabs along the top.
  2. This then gives you the option to create a new Digest.Whichever route you have chosen to go through, you will now have the chance to refine your search down even further using the ‘Story search options'

  1. Once you are happy you have chosen all the relevant information for your digest, simply click ‘Create in your subscription
  2. Then ‘Create Digest’ toward the bottom of the page.

 From here you can choose the day you would like to receive your weekly digest on and give it a specific name. You can then select ‘Save for me’

If you are an Administrator on your subscription, you can choose to save the digest for another member on your subscription to receive.

You can find your digest in the main drawer, under ‘Navigation’, ‘Saved things’ and then click on the Digests tab.