Sample student assignment

The patient perspective of care

Aim: to enable you to look at health care for one condition from the perspective of patients and carers, using real-world, recent experiences reported by patients.

Assignment Select a health-related condition or disease which interests you. Using the Care Opinion web site , collate 10 stories from patients or carers with experience of the condition/disease you have chosen.

Patient and carer experience How have the patients and carers sharing these stories experienced the health care they have used, in terms of:  

  • dignity and respect
  • empathy
  • understanding, and feeling heard
  • clear information
  • communication between user and service  
  • communication between services used

What have service users highlighted as particularly positive, or negative, about their experiences?

What do you think has motivated the authors of these stories to post online? Improving the patient and carer experience

Imagine you are the manager of the services used by the patients and carers in your stories.

  • What areas for change can you identify in the stories you have available?
  • How might you go about making the changes you think are necessary?
  • Draft a response to two of the stories you have, which could be posted in public on the Care Opinion web site