Care Opinion in Scotland

Since 2011 we've been working more proactively across Scotland with health services, third sector organisations and with Government.

  • Stories shared on the site have increased exponentially;
  • Almost 80% of stories shared have been responded to by health services;
  • Stories shared have been read almost 700,000 times;
  • 7% of stories sharing concerns have led to changes or improvements

In March 2013 the Scottish Government publicly announced their endorsement of Care Opinion as an independent, open and transparent way for patients and the public to share their stories and experiences of health services across Scotland.  This was preceded in February 2013 by a motion brought to Parliament by the Scottish Shadow Health Minister, commending Care Opinion on the work to date in Scotland: it met with cross party support.

We’ve made contact with every health board in Scotland, explained how Care Opinion can help them to hear what more patients have to say and supported them to respond.

Though England and Scotland have different health systems - we all need to base improvements to services on patient experience and feedback. Not just because it is enshrined in legislation or because it's backed by politicians, but also because it has been proved to be a highly effective way improving services and patient care.

We have a dedicated team working in Scotland.

As well as working with health boards and the hospital services they run, we’ve also been developing our work with:-

  • GPs
  • Community Health Partnerships
  • Alcohol and Drug Partnerships
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare Improvement Scotland
  • Scottish Public Sector Ombudsman (SPSO)
  • Third sector health and social care organisation
  • and any other organisations that are committed to using patient and service user stories to deliver top quality care.

August 2013