Site translations now available

Care Opinion are delighted to announce that their online feedback platform is now available in 53 languages ensuring as many people as possible are able to join the conversation about healthcare within the United Kingdom.

In recent weeks it has become clear that many of the subscribing bodies that we work with are working hard to reach people where English is not the first language in sections of the communities that they serve. Offering the google translate service means that service users across a wide spectrum whom might not be fluent in English now have to ability to not only have their say but also join in the conversation about health services.

The service was launched on 3rd October 2011 and includes most East European languages, as these have been specifically identified as having a high numbers of speakers currently within the UK. Other languages included are Arabic, Irish and Welsh.

In order to generate a page on Care Opinion in the language of your choice please use the "Select language" button which is placed at the very top of the page in a central location adjacent to the text resize bar.


3rd October 2011