How long does moderation take?


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Before your story appears on Care Opinion, we have to moderate it.

We are a small team and usually, we don't moderate at night-time or at weekends. So you might have to wait before we can moderate your story.

How long might I wait?

Usually, you can expect your story to be moderated the same working day (if you sent it before 5pm) or the following working day (if you sent it out of hours).

Very occasionally, you might have to wait a few days before we publish your story. If we think the wait might be more than 3 days, we will normally contact you to let you know.

What might cause a longer time to publication?

Sometimes it may be a few days before we can publish a story. There are various reasons this could happen. For example:

  • A very long or complex story can take a lot of time and energy to moderate
  • We might need to contact you to clarify your story or to make sure we link it to the right service(s)
  • Your story might raise legal issues which we need some advice about
  • If your story is about a private sector provider, we might need to wait for a decision from the provider

What should I do if I am concerned my story is not yet published?

Occasionally we do make a mistake. So if you have been waiting over 5 days for your story to be moderated, without hearing from us, it might be a good idea to contact us to check what is happening.