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Our webinars are run by friendly members of the Care Opinion team and are free to all our subscribing organisations. Whether you are new to Care Opinion or have been using us for a while, you can register for any (or all!) of the webinars below.

We regularly cover a broad range of topics, from new ideas to encouraging stories and responding well, to how to ask your patients and service user for feedback. There is always a session where you can learn something new.

We use Microsoft teams for all of these webinars (how to join a meeting or webinar). Just complete the registration from to join us. 

Scroll on to find our upcoming live sessions...

An Introduction to the Care Opinion website

Come along to this interactive webinar on all things Care Opinion! Whether you are new to Care Opinion or have been using it for a while and need a refresher, there will be something for everyone. 

This webinar will include a brief introduction of who Care Opinion is and how the website works, including a live demo of the site!

Learn how to log in to the site and update your profile details, navigate the site and find stories relevant to the service you work in.

This session is great if you have recently been added to a subscription or if you want to go back to basics.


📅 Wednesday 26th April 2023 @ 10am - 10.45am - N/A

📅 Tuesday 18th July 2023 @ 10am - 10.45am - Register

Watch the recording from a previous session here 

Framing the ask to patients and service users

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin when thinking about asking for feedback within services. This interactive webinar will help you to; understand what motivates people to share feedback, explore why we find it difficult to ask for feedback and look at various ways of 'framing the ask' to patients and service users.


📅 Friday 28th April 2023 @ 11am-11.45am - N/A

📅 Monday 24th July 2023 @ 11am-11.45am - Register

Watch the recording from a previous session here

*NEW* Managing your Subscription - Webinar for 'Administrators'

If you are responsible for managing your subscription and have the role of Administrator, this is the session for you.

We’ll help you to understand your subscription and the features of your role as 'Administrator'. Add and remove people to your subscription, allocate and change member role, manage alerts and finally search for and manage stories.

Dates: Wednesday 10th May 2023 @ 11.30am-12.15am - N/A

📅 Tuesday 1st August 2023 @ 2pm-2.45pm - Register 

Watch the recording from a previous session here

*NEW* Drop in session - Bring your questions to the Support Team

Speak to the Care Opinion subscriber support team.

This is a drop in session, open to all members to drop in and ask any questions you have about using Care Opinion. Speak to Cally and Lisa, members of the Care Opinion Subscriber support team, who'll be able to help you with any queries. 


📅 Friday 19th May 2023 @ 11am-11.20am - N/A

📅 Thursday 10th August 2023 @ 9.30am-9.50am - Register

Encouraging feedback

There are many different ways people can feedback on Care Opinion. This session will explain the online, postal and phone options as well and highlighting the accessibility features of the site and story telling process.

We will help you get the most out of the print materials and discuss how you can use online promotion to increase the visibility of Care Opinion as an option to the people who use your services and share examples from others services on how they choose to encourage feedback.


📅 Tuesday 23rd May 2023 @ 10am-10.45am - N/A

📅 Tuesday 15th August 2023 @ 10am-10.45am - Register

Watch the recording from a previous session here

*NEW* Responding to critical stories on Care Opinion

One of the main requests from our recent survey was more support and suggestions for responding to critical feedback. In this session we will look at; responding to negative comments when you don't know who the user is, supporting teams to respond and act on feedback (and how to incorporate this into a reply), showing you have made a change and good practice in responding styles.


📅 Tuesday 30th May 2023 @ 2pm-2.20pm - N/A

📅 Wednesday 23rd August 2023 @ 11am-11.20am - Register

How to respond well and demonstrate impact

In this webinar we will look at the research on what makes a good response and share the best practice framework to help you feel confident writing responses. This will include discussing what you think people might want from a reply, showing feedback has an impact of service delivery and service improvement, and strategies for responding to serious criticisms.

This session is great for new responders.


📅 Tuesday 6th June 2023 @ 10am-10.45am - N/A

📅 Tuesday 5th September 2023 @ 10am-10.45am - Register

Watch the recording from a previous session here 

*NEW* Keeping track of your stories with alerts & digests

This webinar will teach you how to create and manage your alerts, as well as digests, so you can keep track of stories relevant to you and your services on Care Opinion.


📅 Thursday 15th June 2023 @ 1pm-1.20pm - N/A

📅 Tuesday 12th September 2023 @ 11am-11.20am - Register

Watch the recording from a previous session  here

How to use Reports & Visualisations 

This webinar will teach you how to run reports and visualisations from the stories about your service. This session is great if you are responsible for showing how you drive quality improvement, and providing evidence of how you listen and change as a result of feedback.

We’ll help you:

  • Understand the search facility and turn stories into reports and visualisations
  • Explore how reports help you to drive change and improve quality
  • Learn how to use our reporting and visualisation tool in ways that will impress!

Dates: Tuesday 20th June 2023 @ 10am-10.30am - N/A

📅 Tuesday 19th September 2023 @ 10am-10.30am - Register

Watch the recording from a previous session here

Invitation links & Subscriber Tagging

Invitation links are a way for you to invite feedback through Care Opinion that can be  customised and linked to a specific service.  You also have the option of offering people a link to your own online survey or other feedback system after they have shared their story.

This webinar will show you have to set up and use invitation links across all your services. These can then be used with our normal website, our kiosk mode, and our widgets. QR codes are also available for all invitation links

This webinar will also teach you not only what Subscriber tagging is but how it can be used strategically to help with your subscription, responding and even quality improvement.

We'll help you:

  • Learn the basic functionality and understand the difference between private, shared and public tags.
  • Learn how to track story progress of key themes using tags
  • Use tags for specific projects or CQC domain


📅 Tuesday 27th June 2023 @ 10am-10.45am - N/A

📅 Monday 25th September 2023 @ 2pm-2.45pm - Register

Watch the recording from a previous session here

Pre recorded sessions available to watch back:

Using Care Opinion Invitation Links for Revalidation

Learn how to use the  Care Opinion invitation link feature to create a private invitation link asking for patient feedback as part of revalidation. Feedback from your patients will be public and moderated in the usual way, but you will be able to see which feedback came in via your unique link. You can turn this into all the usual Care Opinion reports and visualisations*

Watch the recording from a previous session here

Involving staff and volunteers in encouraging feedback

This session is the one for you if you are a volunteer, a volunteer manager/coordinator or a staff member working with individuals or groups to generate stories.

We’ll help you:

  • Get involved in inviting and learning from feedback
  • Support people to share their experiences
  • Use the website to see these stories and feedback to people
  • If you are a volunteer manager/coordinator, to establish a volunteer role and training programme in relation to Care Opinion including personal and professional development

Watch the recording from a previous session here

Responding to stories about mental health services

The aim of this webinar is to discuss how, as responders, you can use your knowledge and skills to respond in a way that demonstrates that you have listened, and how you plan to use the feedback to drive change and improve practice.

We’ll also discuss some of the recent research about why people may not want to share their feedback about mental health services, and how you can use this to encourage feedback within your area.

Suggested reading prior to the webinar:

Research chat 5: Principles for effective feedback in adult mental health | Care Opinion

CO Conference 2021 - Session 4 Mental health – Encouraging voices across services | Care Opinion

Watch the recording from a previous session here