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You're now registered. What should you do next?


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Great! You're now registered with Care Opinion, and you want to know what to do next. There's lots that you can now do, and the most important thing is to just get going!

Getting to know Care Opinion

Firstly, it's worth just spending a few minutes exploring the Care Opinion website and getting to know where to find the resources and pages that will help you. To have a look at the stories that are already published about your organisation, just enter the name of your organisation in the Search bar on our homepage. 

You might want to next check that all your details are right, and update the 'What I do' section - which is there to help your patients understand how you're involved in making their feedback count. You can do this by logging on, and clicking on your username at the top of your screen.

How are other organisations using Care Opinion?

We have a collection of case studies from a range of organisations around the country. It's worth having a quick read through a couple, just to get some ideas and to learn from other people's successes.

Promoting Care Opinion to your patients and carers

It's really important to make sure that people know that they can share their views and experiences with you on Care Opinion, and that you are listening to them. To help you do this, we've uploaded all our promotional materials to the site so that you can download the PDFs and print as many as you'll need.

Why not also embed our story displaying and story telling widgets?

The story displaying widget shows all the most recent postings published about your organisation, and story telling widget allows people to share their stories on Care Opinion without having to leave your own website (the stories still come to us in the same way to be moderated).

Responding to stories on Care Opinion

When you first begin to respond, it can feel a little intimidating and you might worry about how to get it right and strike the appropriate tone. We've put together a guide to help you to respond, with some of our best examples from other organisations.

We'll soon be updating this page to include resources which will help you talk to other staff about Care Opinion, including a powerpoint presentation that you can download. Watch this space!