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Information and resources for moderators

Current moderation policy and guidance

Out of hours moderation

Out of hours means:

  • Before 8 on a weekday
  • After 18 on a weekday
  • After 16 on a Friday
  • Weekends

These out of hours posts will be automatically delayed until in-hours:

  • Stories with a criticality of MildlyCritical or more
  • Responses from story authors

Other posts will be published as normal.

Advanced moderation

The time allowed to make a publish/restrict decision is 72 hours.

If a provider fails to respond within this period to a posting with criticality StronglyCritical or more, we make a default restrict decision for the provider. If the criticality is less than this we make a default publish decision.

The cool-off time allowed to reverse a restrict decision is 14 days following the decision.

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