Sharing Care Opinion with staff


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Introducing Care Opinion to your staff

Its really important to share Care Opinion with staff working in your organisation as these are the people working on the front line with the people accessing your service. We have lots of helpful resources, hints & tips to help you spread the word and train staff up to to be enthusiastic about asking for online feedback.

Here are some resources you can use:

A recorded webinar introducing Care Opinion

Staff PowerPoint Presentation - A Start up guide

Checklist for Manager/Operational Leads

Sharing a story link with staff

These are the key actions to support the implementation of Care Opinion within your service. Don’t forget that you can always seek advice from the Care Opinion subscriber support team who can help with a range of resources and tools for you and your service.

Get staff & volunteers involved

Join our how to webinar on involving volunteers, this is free for subscribers. 

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Train you staff and volunteers on what Care Opinion is, give them the tools to ask for feedback about services and more importantly let staff hear what feedback is being told about the services they work - there is nothing more powerful than receiving positive feedback yourself for the job you do. This can be so inspiring and can encourage staff to ask for more feedback.

Read the staff and volunteer overview pages.

For more information on involving staff & volunteer take a look our Staff & volunteer resources pack.

More Resources

For more resources such as print materials and logos to help you promote Care Opinion click the link below:

Print materials

Care Opinion logos

Help using the Care Opinion website

page updated: 07/09/20