13th December


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Use of Care Opinion in Ireland is continuing to spread. In recent months we have seen stories shared about a range of community mental health services, despite Covid and a cyberattack slowing down the adoption of Care Opinion in Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim.

Here are two examples of recent activity.

Solas is a walking group for people coming together to support each other and enjoy all the positive impacts of walking and talking in nature in surroundings as beautiful as  Errigal-highest mountain in beautiful Donegal. Some of their stories can be seen here

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In Sligo, there are some great stories and responses from staff.  The response from Dr Edmond O’Mahony to this story was greatly appreciated by the author.  Having posted about a local change of service the author said...

“Firstly I want to apologize, I realize that the comments may have come across as criticism which I'd hoped to avoid doing, nor was it meant in anyway to make you feel that I'm angry or upset, it had merely caught me unawares that the change had occurred….I'm glad that you feel the issue is something that should be looked at during your meeting. I thank you for taking the time to reply to my comments, keep safe, well and positive in these difficult times.”